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Bespoke Cycles
Aerospace Maintenance Workshop, Derby invest in Dura Workshop Furniture
2020-01-07 14:27:04
Dura Modular Workshop Furniture

Bespoke Cycles

The aptly named Bespoke Cycles have built themselves an enviable reputation as our capital city's go to store for the best custom-built bikes in town. Discerning cyclists, from commuters to racers, can draw on the company's 10 years of experience, and worldwide reputation for building a bike that is perfectly tailored to their needs.

Paul Wooton, Bespoke Cycling's Head Mechanic, explains, "It is virtually impossible to purchase the perfect bike off the shelf. A good bike is definitely a case in point for one size DOES NOT fit all. The average customer experience in our shop lasts between 2 -3 hours. Using our Retul bike fit area, we will meticulously analyse every aspect of the rider to gain the data we need to ensure they get the best cycling performance and the most comfortable ride. We then use this information to build a bike that is totally unique to that rider and suits their budget. It's a skilled process, but all of our customers are delighted with the results, in fact many of our customers come to us because they have previously made ill advised and expensive off-the-shelf choices.

The level of professionalism and detail extends to having a sports physiotherapist in each store to advise on cycle modifications to help compensate for long term injury. In addition, the integral store provides a social retreat for clients to discuss their passion over a coffee and cakes, should they need an energy boosting break!

Our instore workshops are deliberately visible as we want our customers to watch the all-important bike building process. Whilst we needed to create the right image, there was no point in having style without function, but with limited space, we needed to go for a modular approach, that was both stylish and practical. We chose Dura because it ticked all the boxes and we are delighted with the results. Our workshops present the right professional image to our customers and gives our bike mechanics a work area that promotes pride in their workspace"

Bespoke Cycling opted for the Dura 600 series, due to its amazingly versatile range of products, enabling maximum choice of workshop styles and specifications. Dedicated equipment like their bike wash stations and specific cycle work stands, needed to be integrated into the plans, but the space saving modularity of Dura made planning easy. As a design led company Dura provided illustrations through 3D drawings of exactly how each space would work in terms of vision and workflow for two mechanics.

Not only are the stores workshops fully open to the buyer, at the Gresham Street location, the large glass window ensures that the workshop is also open to the scrutiny of passers-by so having the perfect finish from every angle was essential. The shops have workbenches, essential tool draw units, top cabinets and cupboards for bulk storage. Electric sockets were neatly built into the back panels to keep power tools within easy reach. PC monitors and vices have also been mounted onto the black grey work benches to produce a stunning overall effect.

"It's an amazing environment in which to work. I am so glad that Dura were recommended to us. We now have Dura in our City and Canary Wharf stores and plan a refurb of our West End store later in the year and naturally we will be fitting in out with a Dura Workshop. It's also great to work with a British design and manufacturing company".

Once completed the new cycle workshop provided technicians with a modern, secure, and efficient working space that maximises storage; allowing each technician to provide a smooth, simple and easy service in an environment which they can be proud of.

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