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Cranc Cycles, Carmarthen
Aerospace Maintenance Workshop, Derby invest in Dura Workshop Furniture
2020-01-07 14:27:04
Dura Modular Workshop Furniture

Cranc Cycles, Carmarthen


Situated in the picturesque Carmarthenshire Valley, Cranc Cycles have developed an enviable reputation within the cycling industry for their attention to detail and unique bicycle creations. Ever since the beginning of 2013, ex-army officer Andy Rowlands has been creating a unique brand of cycle business, a brand where each customer is addressed with a personal approach and assisted using state of the art tools and methods.

Starting out life from a small family garage in the outskirts of Carmarthen, Cranc Cycles world class style of bike fits and expert servicing has grown at such a significant rate that they've quickly outgrown their home workshop; the next obvious step was to plan a growth move to new premises in order to maintain their high standards. Also fuelling this was Andy's urge not just to serve the local cycle community but to become a central meeting point of it as well.

With the decision set to develop a custom-built workshop just 18 months after the company was formed, Cranc wanted to make sure that the cycle centre workshop was somewhere that customers would be blown away by, and team members would be proud to work in. Aimed with the task of creating a cycling workshop unlike any other, Dura met with Andy in West Wales and discussed a range of options for how Cranc could work all of their tool and bulk storage requirements into a single run of cabinets.

After a number of discussions, an in-depth survey and the refinement of 2D and 3D visualisations, it was agreed that Dura would create a 3.6m wide section of cabinets that would integrate two 900mm wide workbenches for parts assembly, a 1200mm wide race line tool cabinet for effective tool storage and a 600mm wide bin cabinet to keep the workshop tidy.

"As Cranc Cycles have a full collection of Pro Shop Park Tools, both large and small, Dura then created a back section of full height peg board panels to give Cranc quick access to their most regularly used pieces of equipment, creating a seamless solution without making the workshop look un-organised."

To give the workshop some character and theming, the whole of the workshop was then styled around the red and black of the Cranc branding scheme, finishing the solution in black grey along with a stand out red-pinstripe across the full length of the cabinet.

The resulting solution was a perfectly balanced combination of tool storage and workshop organisation that is in keeping with Crancs precise approach, and is styled perfectly around their purpose-built cycle centre. When asked about new workshop, owner Andy Rowlands had this to say:

"As we quickly outgrew our garage workshop in Carmarthen, we needed to create a workshop that would help us to deliver a memorable service and would allow us to work efficiently. Whilst we looked at a number of other cabinet providers, we chose Dura because of their personal service and bespoke design service. Steve took the time to come out and see us and talk us through a solution that met all of our requirements. We now have a setup that looks professional, matches our company colour scheme and that both customers and staff are proud to be in."

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