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The workshop of choice for leading cycle centres
Aerospace Maintenance Workshop, Derby invest in Dura Workshop Furniture
2020-01-07 14:27:04
Dura Modular Workshop Furniture

The workshop of choice for leading cycle centres

Dura continues to lead the way in cycle workshop design, helping the likes of Cranc Cycles and Jungle Products to develop bespoke cycle centre solutions that have increased standards and improved efficiency.

Bespoke Cycles of London have recently completed two workshops in the City and Canary Wharf, with the West End store next on the refurb list. Drayton Cycles also selected Dura products when refitting their Portsmouth store. So, what is it that has made Dura the workspace furniture of choice for some of the most prestigious stores in the world of cycling?

The first factor that has contributed to this success is the modularity and flexibility of the Dura range. No matter how large or small your workshop is, Dura can provide a bespoke solution that will provide enough storage for all of the intricate tools required for modern cycle servicing. In addition, Dura provide a wide range of full-length worktop solutions to improve the workspace image and efficiency, along with integrated custom-made air delivery units to allow for quick airline access.

Another major factor that has contributed to Dura fitting out cycling workshops across the UK is the style and standards that the Dura range provides. Designed and manufactured in Britain, Dura are on hand to work with you on your preferred specification. Dura can theme your cycling workspace in over 200 different cabinet colours and variety of flooring materials to ensure that your new workshop fits in beautifully with the styling and brand image of your cycle centric business.

If you run a cycling workshop and would like to find out how you can improve the efficiency, productivity and profile of your centre, please call 01280 706050 or email


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