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Aerospace Maintenance Workshop, Derby invest in Dura Workshop Furniture
2020-01-07 14:27:04
Dura Modular Workshop Furniture


Working on behalf of a variety of large and small companies from across the world, PDR has been a pioneer of rapid prototyping, 3d printing and advanced manufacturing technologies for two decades. At their in-house workshop they have developed an enviable low volume production capability, allowing them to offer a truly remarkable range of services that ensures each of their customers are given all of the necessary information and product samples to successfully get their products to market.

With their unique approach continuing to gain prominence, PDR have successfully grown their services within the centre over the last 18 years, developing upon what is already an impressive collection of services to help household brands such as Bosch, Mothercare, Boots and a number of clients in the medical care industry to research and manufacture innovative new creations.

It's this continuous growth and the addition of high accuracy 3D printing technology that prompted PDR into reviewing the structure and layout of their workshop facilities. With this need established the team at Dura were contacted to develop a room that would befit the PDR brand, both in terms of aesthetics and efficiency.

After separate surveys of the facility, and the refinement of a selection of 2D and 3D visualisations, Dura set to work on constructing a workshop that would maximise the space available. Working to PDRs precise requirements our team of expert designers developed a series of symmetrical work bays to create an individual work station for each technician. Within each work station we combined a series of 600mm wide tool cabinets, general storage cabinets, bridging units and electrical supply to create identical assembly areas. We then finished the full run in a single sheet of heavy-duty laminate to provide a stylish and durable work surface.

Finally, Dura installed a separate workbench with a vice attached, as well as a double door, 1200mm wide tall cabinet that provided adequate bulk storage. The whole of the workshop was then finished in a black-grey epoxy paint coating and a unique red pinstripe to lift the finished look of the project.

When asked about the fit out of the new workshop, Commercial Director Jarred Evans had this to say,

"During a tendering process Dura quickly emerged as favourites due to their commitment and enthusiasm for the project, attention to detail and extremely high design and build standards. This was confirmed when highly considered design solutions were presented and they became instrumental in providing advice and guidance to improve the layout, organisation and workflow of our operations. "

The fit out and build was painless and we now have a great looking workshop facility that really reflects the cutting-edge technology and commitment to quality and turnaround we make with our customers.

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