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A centre of excellence for surface finishing technology specialist, Safe Products
Aerospace Maintenance Workshop, Derby invest in Dura Workshop Furniture
2020-01-07 14:27:04
Dura Modular Workshop Furniture

A centre of excellence for surface finishing technology specialist, Safe Products


For the last 18 years, Safe Products’ reputation for developing innovative, high-quality industrial products and finishing solutions has led to them working with highly regarded businesses in the Automotive OEM, Automotive Aftermarket, Furniture and Marine Leisure industries. With the desire to offer more services, Safe Products’ has moved into larger premises to accommodate this.

The Background

As they started designing the interiors of the new building, Safe Products’ wanted to ensure the interior design would reflect their reputation for high-quality, which included the training workshop. This facility would be a new addition for Safe Products from which to deliver their new services.

After seeing Dura at the Automechanika show, Amanda James, General Manager at Safe Products saw instantly how their passion for design and product range would fit in with their plans for the new training workshop. “I was impressed with the quality and range of products and could see how we could incorporate it into our new facility”.

The Design

The training workshop was designated to be a combined facility for product testing, product demonstrations and training. To ensure they would use the room to its full extent, Dura took plenty of time during the consultation period with Safe Products to understand all their various requirements so they could implement them into the design.

Safe Products also visited the showroom at Dura’s Head Office and spent time looking at the possibilities of how they could configure a choice from the product range to suit their needs. “We had in mind what furniture we required to implement the multiple activities in the workshop. Having the opportunity to see Dura’s product range in person was a vital part of the process and allowed us to make the right choices”.

Dura presented 2D CAD visuals, and 3D renders to Safe Products to demonstrate what their new workshop would look like and how their proposed design would help to enhance the brand. “The design Dura created is bespoke to us and fits within the room perfectly, allowing us to make the best use of the space”.

Dura designed the room using one full length of a wall for the configuration of cabinets, finished using Safe Products’ corporate colours. It included an integrated video screen, storage, a workbench and airlines. The choice of flooring and wall storage complemented the cabinets and provided a clean look. The wall storage also created additional space, on which Safe Products choose to hang car parts and accessories, used as part of their demonstrations for training workshops.

The Results

The new training workshop at Safe Products has created a ‘wow’ factor with their customers and is being used to full capacity. The combination facility incorporates workspace and storage enough to accommodate all the purposes which Safe Products intended for the workshop.

The layout of Dura’s design has also enabled Safe Products maximum space in the room for visitors, who have complimented them on the facility.

Amanda James commented “The room is fantastic and being used to full capacity. With the help of Dura, we’ve created a space for our customers and staff to enjoy. From design through to installation, Dura’s team has been brilliant. There has been attention to detail throughout the project, and the entire process has been seamless”.

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