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Aerospace Maintenance Workshop, Derby
Aerospace Maintenance Workshop, Derby invest in Dura Workshop Furniture
2020-01-07 14:27:04
Dura Modular Workshop Furniture

Aerospace Maintenance Workshop, Derby

Dura have recently delivered an outstanding workshop solution for one of the most famous names in engineering throughout the world. As a global leader in industrial technology and a pioneer of innovation, they set the benchmark for excellence and are an integral part of shaping the world we live in today.


The Background

The world-renowned aerospace company in Derby demands the best of themselves and expects nothing other than the best from their suppliers, without exception. So when their Team Leader approached Dura to re-design their maintenance workshop within the building, the team knew the highest standards would be expected through each step of the project and anything less would not be accepted!

The Team Leader wanted his team of 38 engineers to have a work space they could be excited about, a space where everyone would be proud to work and be a feature of any high profile visit within the building. To achieve this he was very precise with what he wanted: "Currently the area is too dark, it's untidy and it hasn't been updated since the building was opened a number of years ago. It's become the forgotten area. My team deserve better; they should have a clean bright space, a space they want to come to work in and an area others aspire to have. A space which is synonymous with our brand!"


The Design

During the consultation period, Dura worked closely with the Team Leader and his team to fully understand their requirements within the new workshop. This enabled Dura to ensure the design would accommodate the individual needs of 38 maintenance engineers, as well as the broader needs of the business.


Dura worked with the client to optimise the space for each engineer, from the initial survey and resulting CAD drawing new layouts were discussed and with the aid of professional renders a new layout was agreed upon - providing a more efficient layout with the option to expand in line with the increased demands of the team. Within each bay, Dura configured individual workstations, incorporating a combination of static and mobile drawer units, as well as additional storage for larger items.

The mobile tool cabinets were tailored for the client team, to provide maximum capacity for transporting large tools around the plant safely. The design was completed with a continuous work surface and integrated power points, to provide the clean and organised workspace that was desired.


The Results

With a newly designed workshop in place, the Team Leader and his team of engineers now have a clean, bright space which is an inspiration to work in.

He was delighted: "Our workshop is stunning, and the team is over the moon. I love the colour and being so much brighter now, has meant we haven't had to change the lighting. It's also good to see they are proud of the space; I often see them cleaning down their area and giving their neighbour a nudge to do the same. It has been a real pleasure working with Dura on this project, and we look forward to the next stages."

"Our workshop is stunning, and the team is over the moon - It's good to see they are proud of the space"

- Team Leader

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