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Workplatform: Leading the way with efficient working
Aerospace Maintenance Workshop, Derby invest in Dura Workshop Furniture
2020-01-07 14:27:04
Dura Modular Workshop Furniture

Workplatform: Leading the way with efficient working

Workplatform, the powered access specialist and authorised Genie dealer, aspire to create the most efficient workflow to maintain their position as the market leader. With a new framework in place to achieve this, Workplatform chose Dura for their expertise in consultancy and workspace design, to implement the changes.

The most significant change that Jonathan Hull, Managing Director of Workplatform, wanted to make was a re-design of their service and maintenance workshop. He wanted to create a new system to alleviate the pressures of the engineer's demanding workload.

With Dura's proven track record of working closely with clients to understand work patterns and the reassurance of their high-quality workshop furniture, Workplatform was confident of Dura's ability to implement the best system.

Dura undertook an in-depth study to establish Workplatform's work practices. It explored tool use and frequency, tool accessibility and movement around the space, end of day clean policies and the organisation of personal items. Dura delivered visuals and 3D cad drawings with a proposed layout that reflected their needs. The team were able to see clearly how the new system would be tailored to meet the standards set within the new framework.

Using its extensive product range, Dura designed the ultimate workshop for Workplatform. Dedicated work stations for each engineer, created space for accessing and storing day-to-day tools, equipment and personal effects. Dura tailored the rest of the area to store equipment, including specially designed COSHH cabinets. The system was completed in a colour scheme to match their corporate identity and was fitted out by Dura's installation team, minimalizing disruption to Workplatform.

With the completed design in place, Workplatform has the workshop they desired. Their equipment is organised and stored away securely, and the engineers now have a structured workflow with space around them to work in, while fulfilling new policies such as the end of day clean down.

Jonathan Hull, Managing Director at Workplatform, was thrilled with their new workshop: "We are delighted with the new layout in our main workshop. We have a clean and efficient environment in which to work. This new design has ticked a lot of boxes as we work towards setting a high standard for our workplace and most importantly, our team has an improved environment to work in".

Dura's workshop system has provided flexibility for Workplatform to extend it over time. Its longevity will support their journey of continuous improvement, bringing parity with the respected 5S principals. .

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