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2018-07-20 10:15:04
Dura Modular Workshop Furniture

I.C.E - Dura take workshop design and workflow synergy to new levels.

Aside from the exceptional quality of our British made furniture, and our unique modular workshop system, we are often asked what sets Dura apart from other workshop providers. The answer is the same every time our outstanding design capabilities. Dura's talented team of 9 in-house CAD and graphic designers are dedicated to ensuring the most effective use of space, the most efficient workflow environment and the best value over long term use.

Chris Simpson - MD at Interactive Coding Equipment (I.C.E) was no stranger to Dura when he approached us to help with his pioneering new building at his Nottingham based facility. "I had encountered Dura at my local car dealership and remember thinking, that's exactly how I would like my workspace to be. The assembly and maintenance areas in our existing building were functional but not well organised, and the new facility gave us an opportunity to try something different. We have a transparent approach and proudly show our customers around with our open-door policy for ALL areas of our facility. I wanted to showcase our workshop areas as they are the most vital aspect of what we do."

ICE provide, service and maintain date, barcoding and labelling solutions for products and packaging used in the food and pharmaceutical industries amongst others. Due to their rapid expansion, when the opportunity to build a state-of-the-art new facility adjacent to their existing one presented itself, they jumped at the chance. The new assembly workshop is the focal point of the new building, and plans have now been approved for the refurbishment of their existing maintenance workshop which will commence mid -summer.

"I could have chosen workshop furniture from the many catalogues we keep being sent continues Chris, but what I really wanted was a quality UK made product and expert advice about how to organise the space. Wide bays for the robotics assembly, effective tool storage, waste disposal and computers on each station are all vital to the job in hand. Communication between our engineers is essential to get the job done effectively, so there was no point in having a large workshop with a traditional linear layout everyone would have spent too much time wandering about! Between us and Dura, we came up with the double cross design. Several weeks after installation and the engineering team love it! I do too. It's great that everything is integrated into a modular system so it looks clean and uncluttered. It's a real show piece and the customers that have seen it so far have been really impressed! Dura were fantastic throughout the whole process. We worked together on several configurations before choosing the perfect one. Dura did a 3D render of the workshop so we could see exactly how it would look before we purchased. Being able to visit the showroom was a bonus too as we could properly assess the options. "

It's understandable when visiting ICE HQ that a customer facing image is important. It's an impressive set up. With an impressive showroom, and even a staff canteen in the style of an American diner! ICE have a blue-chip customer base that demand the highest of standards from their suppliers and undertake quality control inspections regularly. We have the best workspace of any of our competitors worldwide, and we are as proud to show it off as we are the rest of our facility! Once completed the new cycle workshop provided technicians with a modern, secure, and efficient working space that maximises storage; allowing each technician to provide a smooth, simple and easy service in an environment which they can be proud of.

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