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2018-01-19 15:27:38
Dura Modular Workshop Furniture

Jungle Products, Harrogate

Dura takes prestigious mountain bike workshop to new heights. As one of the mountain bike industry's most respected distributors, Jungle Products take an innovative and cutting-edge approach to every bike they supply. With a wealth of top brands such as Santa Cruz, Julianna, Niner, Isaac, KS Suspension and Bos Suspension to choose from, Jungle have developed a distinctive service that is known throughout the UK and is un-rivalled in the mountain bike industry.

As part of their complete service, Jungle Products famous store in Summerbridge, Harrogate includes a specialist workshop that tailors each bike service independently for the client. With the centre going from strength to strength and growing all the time, Dura were contacted to bring the workshop up to date and develop a solution that would epitomize the brand principles that customers have come to expect.

After presenting new designs for the custom-built workshop in both 2D and 3D visuals, Dura guided Jungle on every step of the build process, detailing how each cabinets and showing how the system could be completely re-configured at any time.

The new workshop utilised Dura's tool storage cabinets with a variety of draw configurations, as well as a bridging unit desk for each technician. Under cabinet lighting was built in to allow technicians to work on smaller components effectively, and each cabinet came complete with a secure locking mechanism to ensure that all of Jungles expensive components could be safely locked away.

With customisation at the heart of the Jungle products fit out, Dura designed and installed extended plinths with rubber trims to guarantee no mud or grass could get under the units. This teamed with high level cabinets with overhead gas struts provided the workshop with a sleek and professional finish.

Because of the high volumes of bike servicing that Jungle carry out, they also required a selection of perforated back panels with tool storage hooks to provide the technicians with easy access to each item. Extra plugs were incorporated into the back section of the overhead units to allow for a safe and out of the way area for rechargeable tools. The whole workshop was finished with a stunning and durable 7021 Black Grey powder coat finish to ensure the workshop was in-keeping with the Jungle brand. When asked about the fit-out completed by Dura, General Manager Martin Lewis has this to say:

"We are working on the best bikes in the world here, and we had really specific needs, from the wide range of specialist tools to the super clean environment required for the type of suspension we work on. We chose Dura due to the quality of the product and their ability to design something that matched these needs exactly, with no compromise."

Once completed the new cycle workshop provided technicians with a modern, secure, and efficient working space that maximises storage, allowing each technician to provide a smooth, simple and easy service in an environment which they can be proud of.

If you would like to hear more about this or any of the other projects in Dura's case studies section then please call 01280 706050 or email info@duraworkshops.co.uk.

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