2017-02-21 10:08:25

Workspace Style Guide: Colour

When it comes to transforming your workspace into an environment that’s the perfect reflection of your business or organisation, there are a number of ways that colour can be introduced to enforce your brand identity.

Whether you have clear ideas or are searching for inspiration, our talented design team aim to provide you with an exciting range of concepts. We’ll talk you through every part of designing your workspace to help you create a space that’s not only practical and durable but beautifully styled and wonderfully organised.

The term "workshop" evokes thoughts a space that is a dull, grey and sometimes dirty environment. There are a number of ways of introducing paint that will add excitement, personality and vigour, and the best place to start is with your interior walls. Although many business owners prefer to keep the bare block work or white paint, and focus on the colour of their furniture, using a burst of colour on your walls will help to create a brighter, more enticing environment that your team will love to spend time in.

The second area that is worth considering is the colour of the cabinetry. Whilst Dura's cabinets come in 2 standard colour finishes, we’re also able to create your chosen selection of units in any colour on the RAL chart. Because of this, you can work the styling of your cabinets around the same colour choice as your brand or logo using a matching or similar shade. Alternatively, you may decide to select smaller elements of the cabinetry for colour. For example, colour just the back panels, or a fine coloured pinstripe on the top cabinets.

As a finishing touch to your cabinets, why not consider having your logo proudly displayed? We are happy to design and fit decals large or small to your cabinetry to further enforce your brand. To complete the full transformation, we’d finally recommend installing a bespoke range of workshop flooring. We offer a number of options so finding a solution that is stylish, durable and the perfect colour for your setup is a lot easier than you may think.