2017-07-24 13:47:53

Render to Reality - Solar Non Wovens

Design is at the very heart of everything Dura and we are very proud of our talented design team!
As part of our free consultation service, we provide our customers with an amazing 3D render image so they can visualise exactly how their workspace will look. Everything from flooring, surface finish, roofs, doorways, stairs and windows are meticulously added to the design to give as accurate a presentation as possible. A recent “render to reality” cases study is illustrated here – can you spot the difference?

Part of the Autin’s group, Solar Nonwovens is the sole UK manufacturer and sole UK sales outlet for the high performance material known as Neptune; A proven insulation material which is new to the British market.

Solar Nonwovens has the capacity to supply lightweight high performance acoustic and thermal materials for use in various industries including automotive, apparel (thermal clothing), yellow goods, marine, construction, right across Europe.
The workshop pictured was installed to service the production line which was installed during the latter part of 2016 in a brand new building which has capacity for three lines in total.

The accuracy to which we can produce images is unrivalled thanks to our cutting edge software and meticulous attention to detail at the time of survey. We realise that a new workshop is a significant investment for many businesses and so accurate visual representation is a vital part of the consultation process.