Quality furniture, tailored to enhance your brand
2018-02-23 14:47:43
Dura Ltd.

2018-02-23 14:47:43

Quality furniture, tailored to enhance your brand


One of the many advantages of selecting Dura, is our ability to customise our products to best reflect our clients’ unique brand identity. Furniture is precision made to order, and finished expertly by hand, which provides our team with the opportunity to customise the product in a number of ways.

A choice of cabinet finish:
With our elite status as an AkzoNobel Service First Associate, our state-of-the art powder coating plant offers a huge range of cabinet finishing options to our clients. Cabinets can be produced in any of over 200 colours within the RAL system, and in a range of finishes, including matt, textured, semi-gloss and full gloss. Cabinets can be ‘part coloured’ allowing a mix of colour combinations within the same product.

A choice of worktop finish:
The choice of cabinet finish is complimented with a variety of worktop finishes. These range from the standard pinseal worktop, to beech, multiplex, 40mm lino, galvanised steel and stainless-steel options.

Adding corporate branding:
The inclusion of company logos on the work furniture is another excellent way to reinforce your company branding, particularly in customer-facing areas. In addition, larger workshops can be sub-divided with ‘sector’ graphics and individual cabinets numbered to aid identification.

Custom product design:
For the ultimate in customisation, we offer the additional service of product design using and our latest CAD technology, which allows clients to tailor the cabinet design itself for special tasks or unique requirements.

To find out how we can help you with your latest project, please call our team on 01280 706050 or email www.duraworkshops.co.uk