2018-07-04 15:57:42

Crafting efficient working standards for UK manufacturing industry

Creating an efficient workspace which is tailored for the individual needs of a team, is something that Dura have an unrivalled reputation for doing.  It is also one of the reasons why a UK based major blue-chip manufacturer chose to work with Dura to create a new professional maintenance workshop.


With design input from the client’s electrical and mechanical team, this recent fit-out uses Dura’s award-winning workspace furniture to deliver a work area relevant for the craftsman team.  It has also set a new standard for the manufacturing business, implementing a clean and safe working environment around the plant.  


With the use of storage cabinets for their bulkier equipment, through to tool cabinets that have each individual’s own set of tools within foam inlays, the maintenance team are working more efficiently, with productivity increasing significantly.  The use of integrated technology, including radio, provides the team some additional well-being features within the workshop.  The TV and wireless capabilities has also allowed the team to use this room as a multi-purpose space for their daily briefings.


The maintenance workshop has been completed with an epoxy floor and acoustic ceiling. Plans are in place to roll-out further similar workshops. Dura’s client commented that “this new workshop was an excellent investment and couldn’t work better for our team”.