2019-03-25 11:51:16

NIFRS workshops work more efficiently with Dura

Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS) has opened a purpose-built logistics support centre in Belfast. The centre brings together all their related services under one roof with the aim to improve the organisation’s workflow and productivity.

Known for improving workflow efficiency, NIFRS approached Dura to work with them. The NIFRS invited Dura to be part of the project from the very start so that they could utilise their expertise in workshop design and planning.

Using 3D renders, Dura visualised how NIFRS would use their modular furniture to maximise the space in the new maintenance workshop. The renders detailed out how Dura has planned to ensure efficient workflow and improved productivity.

Dura installed a range of their modular workshop furniture, enabling technicians to work on minor and heavy-duty repair work. Each workbench station integrates storage facilities for tools and equipment, electrical facilities and space for a mobile trolley. Dura completed the design, using NIFRS’s corporate colour and branding.

NIFRS now have a state-of-the-art facility, that will meet with current workload demands and futureproofs the organisation as they grow.