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Workplace 3D Visualisations


As part of the planning and design phase of your workspace, Dura are able to provide photo realistic visualisations of your ideal layout. Created using the latest 3D modelling software, our project engineers will look at every detail of your work area to fully understand the cabinets that you require, how it will integrate with new-existing equipment and how your technicians will benefit from the new fit out.

Once this planning phase is complete, your ideas and feedback will then be used to create a range of 3D visuals that are designed to show how intricate cabinet configurations are combined together throughout the fit-out of your new workplace. Dura's photo realistic renders really do bring your workspace to life, showing lighting, cabinet styling and functionality in the finest detail. If required, Dura can also animate your 3D render to give you an accurate walkthrough of the workshop, providing you with a guided tour from a technician's perspective.

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Workspace Cabinet Planning & 3D Visualisations
3D Workplace Visualisations