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The ServicePod™

The ServicePod™ represents in integrated ' all-in-one ' solution with facilitties for oil/air/waster reels, computer and tool storage, waste bin and glove/towel dispenser in one single 2 metre unit. The design integrates electrical and communications outlets as well as a facility for optional locking tool storage cabinet that will also house a monitor.Planning is simple and installtion is minimal making the ServicePod™ ideal not just for new workshops but for enhancing your existing workshop and it's the perfect solution for service reception or rapid fit bays.

Modularity, flexibility, high quality and cutting edge designs are central to the ServicePod™ concept

  • -Facilities for computer screen and keyboard
  • -Square peg panels for tool storage
  • -Power and communication panel
  • -Heavy-duty composite worksurface
  • -Facilities for fluid or air hoses
  • -Glove and towel dispenser
  • -Lockable computer cupboard
  • -Facilities for tool storage in control foam
  • -Wastebin drawer with removable bin
  • -Removable drip trays

The ServicePod™

The ServicePod™ is a new concept that integrates every element required for vehicle servicing in a single 'plug and play' unit. Because of its unique design the ServicePodTM requires minimal installation and comes with a number of customisable options that allow you to create a system that is tailored completely to the requirements of your workshop.

To discover how you can use ServicePod™ to enhance your company's service offering, or promote aftermarket sales, call us now on +44 (0) 1280 706050 via