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StorePanel™ : The flexible wall storage system

The StorePanel™ wall storage system has been specifically selected to seamlessly match the standards and style of our cabinet solutions. Engineered to endure even the toughest of work environments, each hook and basket has been finished with a durable epoxy coating. Each of the hooks prongs has a carefully applied rubber coating to prevent damage and strain on hung belongings. To ensure complete stability in the system, all hook accessories feature individual locking mechanisms providing a secure and safe fit to the panel.

What is the Dura StoreWall system?

  • -A robust wall mounted panel and hook system
  • -Light weight, strong, waterproof and mould resistant panels
  • -A wide range of hooks and baskets that simply clip on, and can be re-configured at any time.
  • -Stylish and elegant wall covering available in 2 finishes

StorePanel™ is a panel system designed to provide a flexible 'immediately to hand' storage solution for both small and bulky items - useful for many industry sectors.

The hooks, shelves and baskets are easily reconfigured as they grip the slatted wall without the need for fixing screws. Each panel is waterproof and mould resistant, so is designed to last in the toughest environments. The slatted wall panels are attractive even when left unused, so many clients use it as a wall covering for exposed walls in the work area to create a clean, modern looking room with the flexibility to add hooks anywhere.

Once fitted there's no need to drill more holes into the wall!

Hidden fixings

StorePanel™ panels attaches to the wall using metal mounting strips

Concealed edges

Vertical edges are covered with edging strips for a professional finish.

Easily interchangeable

Hooks and baskets simply clip-on, with no need for additional screw holes

Securely locking in place

All accessories have a twist-lock feature, to hold them securely in place

Compliments other Dura products

Designed to coordinate with Dura cabinets and accessories

A modern wall covering system

Can be used purely as a wall cladding solution for a stylish solution