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The design and appearance of your workshop makes a statement about how you run your business or training facility. An efficient work environment will improve workflow, increase profitability, inspire your workforce and promote customer satisfaction.

We understand that the needs of our industry, education and retail clients are diverse and that no two workplace facilities are the same. That's why our free site visit, design and planning service sets us apart from our competitors. We promise to listen and work hand in glove with you every step of the way. That's the Dura difference!

Our talented team of workplace and workshop designers will interpret your brief to the finest detail. Utilising the latest CAD technology, we can plan and 3D Render your exact workspace design to give you a clear visual of how your workplace will look. This forms part of the unique service that our customer's experience and what sets us apart from our competitors. It's a fluid process, and we really don't mind how many amendments you would like to make along the way to get your industrial furniture layout just perfect.

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Design & Planning Industrial Workplaces
Workplace Furniture Design & Planning