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Air, Rail and Marine Workshops

As sectors that require a vast array of technical machinery and precision tooling to function, finding a workshop solution that combines flexible storage with impeccable organisation and style is essential to the success of your workshop.

Dura has the depth of product and design experience to create the perfect workshop for your company. Whether you run a small fleet of luxury yachts, maintain a prestigious range of private jets or even form part of a multi-national corporation, Dura are ideally equipped to develop your workplace.

We can help you with anything from a simple, all-in-one ServicePod to a fully integrated work bay that contains specialist tool, refuse, fluid delivery and overhead storage units. As the originators of the integrated workshop concept, we have the skills and experience required to improve the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your business.

Utilising the modularity of our award-winning furniture range and design led approach to each of the projects that we work on, we can develop a precise setup that's custom-built around the technical specifications of your business. Your new workshop will be perfect for the complexity of tooling that you use and will help to improve the precision engineering work that goes into the complex vehicles you work upon. In addition, we can provide custom-cut Tool Control Foam inlays for equipment drawers - essential for industries such as aviation where accurate tool management is crucial.

Recognising that no two facilities are the same, we offer a free site survey and design consultation service. We listen to every detail of your requirements and work with you to create a CAD design and 3D render so you can visualise exactly how your workshop will look. Our design capabilities don't stop there - if you have specific requirements, we are happy to adapt or design bespoke solutions to meet your brief.

The end result: the perfect balance between style and function. Beautiful British-made workspace furniture that stands the test of time.

    Your award winning Dura workspace:

  • Better organisation, improved workflow, increased profitability
  • Tailored to your needs through our expertise
  • Creating customer-facing 'Centres of Excellence'