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Dura have unrivalled expertise in creating aspirational workshop, lab and workspace environments for colleges, universities and training centres that offer exceptional cost of ownership.

We have successfully installed: automotive development and training workshop areas, advanced manufacturing, robotics and engineering facilities, research and metrology laboratories and general storage and workspace environments into several FE facilities across the UK.

We also have vast experience in collaborative Industry and education partnerships and are expert in liaising between sponsors and funding companies and estate/facilities managers and M&E to ensure the right equipment is installed to create a successful training environment for nurturing the next generation. Thanks to our cutting edge CAD design technology, Dura are BIM compliant too.

The modularity of our workspace equipment means we can design a solution which maximises the use of space and improves workflow. Furthermore, it can be reconfigured at a future date to suit the changing demands of your facility. We have successfully installed a great many 'mobile work stations' into education facilities which allow for flexible teaching space and multiple layout options.

The growing trend for specialist and technical educational furniture to assimilate the industry equivalent teamed with the need to invest in a more hard wearing solution than commonly utilised, easily damaged laminate has seen a sharp increase in demand for our sustainable steel systems. Because our core client base is in Automotive and Industry, we bring inside knowledge of up to date practice and our unrivalled brand and reputation into the mix. We carefully use this expertise and adapt our layouts to meet the requirements and budgets of education and training environments.

With increasingly discerning students (and parents!) expectations to fulfil, our award winning workspaces are not only robust and functional but they look the part too!

    Your award winning Dura workspace:

  • Aspirational environments that reflect current industry trends
  • Present exceptional value over cost of ownership
  • Future proof and flexible
  • Attract the best students
  • Stand the test of time
  • Exceed expectations in delivering excellence in education