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Medical, Lab and R&D

The increasing trend to step away from traditional restrictive and dated laminate construction has led a sharp increase in demand for Dura's modular steel workspace furniture in these fields. Easy to clean and maintain plus available with a vast choice of chemical and corrosive resistant and ESD worktops, it's little wonder that our diverse range of solutions is finding its way into an even more diverse range of medical, Lab and R&D Facilities.

So much more than just cupboards and draws, our lockable furniture has built-in waste management, sinks, towel and glove dispensers, a staggering array of draw sizes and organisers for precious instruments and components and even built in monitor, keyboard and mouse stowage. A comfortable and ergonomic height for both standing and sitting tasks, and strong construction for the safe positioning of heavy and expensive equipment. Provision for services such as gas and compressed air as well as sockets and data can be integrated neatly into the installation too.

The total modularity of our furniture means that every inch of precious space can be utilised and the system can be reconfigured time and time again, ensuring that it will evolve and grow with your environment. The strong steel construction will outlive traditionally built lab furniture. Finished in a sleek and timelessly contemporary style, your workspace will never appear dated.

Our unrivalled design capabilities, knowledgeable approach and vast experience in this field, has led to us producing pioneering, benchmark-setting facilities.

    Durable and easy to clean

  • Space saving modular solution
  • Diverse cabinet options for flexibility and organisation
  • Integrated services provision
  • Practical and Ergonomic work height