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Dura are in high demand for our expertise in supplying modular solutions for the fit-out of workshop containers destined for offshore platforms and OSVs. Supplying furniture strong enough to withstand the rigours of the harshest environments, whilst maximising every inch of precious available space is our niche.

Dura's concepts for container workshops are individually tailored to your requirements utilising our extensive range of modular steel furniture. Our unique system includes clever space-saving corner solutions, 600mm, 550mm, 450mm and 300mm deep cabinets, specialised tool storage, strong workbenches and numerous worktop options. Whether you are servicing, repairing or controlling ROVs or PSVs, your offshore workshop requires to be organised and equipped to the highest standards, and ready for whenever you need to call it into action.

As well as both 550 and 600 series cabinetry, our clever storepanel system is widely used in workshop container fit-out. It is ideal for storing a diverse range of essential equipment thanks to its flexible and re-positionable range of hooks, baskets and accessories.

Our unrivalled design capabilities, knowledgeable approach and vast experience in this field set us apart as providing the very best. Recognising that it is difficult to visualise workflow within small spaces, we can present an accurate 3D render image so you can see exactly how the workspace will look and function.

Dura have the perfect solution for space restricted-offshore workshops that need to be diverse enough to encompass even the most varied and multifunctional roles.

  • Space saving modular solutions
  • Unrivalled quality and durability
  • Flexible and organised
  • Tailored solutions
  • 3D layout images