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Precision Engineering and Manufacturing Workspaces

For any engineering or manufacturingf centre to be successful, creating a workspace that is clean, efficient and organised is key for increasing workflow and profitability. It also follows that providing an environment that is a cut above the rest, will help you to attract and retain the very best engineers and technicians.

Whether you are manufacturing, assembling, servicing or maintaining in any sector, Dura can tailor a system to meet your requirements precisely. Our modular furniture can be configured in multiple, flexible layouts ensuring that each workstation is perfectly planned for the task at hand. From tool storage to general storage cupboards, workbenches to waste management, we have exactly the solution to meet your needs.

Our range also features an unrivalled choice of cabinets and back panels with total service integration for oil, water, air, data and sockets etc. so no unsightly cables are visible.

Our unrivalled design capabilities, knowledgeable approach and vast experience in this field has led to us producing pioneering, benchmark-setting facilities.

Dura's reputation for creating "centres of excellence" worldwide across the automotive world has rapidly spread through industry where the need to present a sharp customer facing image is more important than ever in every aspect of the business - including the workshops!

Recognising that no two facilities are the same, we offer a free site survey and design consultation service. We listen to every detail of your requirements and work with you to create a CAD design and 3D render so you can visualise exactly how your workshop will look. Our design capabilities don't stop there - if you have specific requirements, we are happy to adapt or design bespoke solutions to meet your brief.

We also understand that your brand is your reputation and why should it stop at your literature and logo? Our state of the art UK manufacturing facility has the capability of powder coating our cabinets to any colour on the RAL chart and our designers can apply logos or decals to the furniture.

The end result: the perfect balance between style and function. Beautiful British-made workspace furniture that stands the test of time.

    Your award winning Dura workspace:

  • Better organisation, improved workflow, increased profitability
  • Tailored to your needs through our expertise
  • Creating customer-facing 'Centres of Excellence'
  • Future proof and flexible